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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Brin Matko Juvančič

About Brin Matko Juvančič

When it comes to Brin and his work ethic, one thing is certain: he never does just one thing at a time. That’s why he decided to start the Zeeraw Movement back in 2016. Initially, it was an idea that kept growing. Now, he is the owner of Zeeraw Tattoo Studio, which is the primary art form of the Zeeraw Movement. His ideas and inspiration stem from his projects and the people he meets along the way. Several partners have already joined him on his creative and business journey. He is always looking for further collaborations and to build a community. The process of tattooing not only motivates and inspires him in everyday life but also drives him to pursue perfection. For him, the end result is pure magic. Although his love for art and work is very strong, he says, “There’s nothing better than going for a good cold beer in good company at the end of a long day!”

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