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Tea Humar

About Tea Humar

Tea Humar embarked on her journey into tattooing and piercing with the opening of Mortis Studio in 2016, of which she is also a co-owner. After completing an internship under the mentorship of Lea Piercing at the Association of Body Modifiers Slovenia, and participating in numerous seminars, trainings, and conferences (including the Association of Professional Piercers – APP), she became a professional piercer known as Saturnmoon and shop manager in 2020 at the renovated Mortis Studio in Koper. She always approaches her work with seriousness, responsibility, ambition, and impartiality, bringing goodwill to every company she joins. Since 2022, she has extended her expertise to our Zeeraw Tattoo Studio, becoming our resident piercing artist. She places

great emphasis on carefully selecting high-quality jewelry made of titanium and gold, and enjoys combining these pieces to enhance the natural beauty of the body. Her guiding principle is: “Your body is your temple”. In addition to jewelry, piercing, and tattooing, she is interested in precious stones, photography, sports, and philosophy.

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